Teufelsberg- The abandoned american spy station

After the second world war, and during the cold war, Berlin was a spy melting pot filled with spies from all countries that was involved in the war.
But the most present was the americans, doing everything in their power to control the germans and russians, trying to keep them in check during the cold war.
The americans constructed a spy tower in west Berlin with four towers and domes that had equipment with radar capacity to perform surveillance and listen in on information all the way from Berlin to Moscow in Russia.
The station was built in 1963 and abandoned in 1992.

The station was constructed on an artificial man made hill that rises about 120 meters above the ocean. Teufelsberg means Devil Mountain in german.
The hill is made from rubble after the bombings of Berlin and it all together contains 75,000,000 m3  of debris from Berlin.
The hill is covering the never completed Nazi military-technical college, Wehrtechnische Fakultät.
They tried to remove it with explosives, but it had little effect on the building so they decided to cover it by building the hill on top of it.
The hill is now covered with a beautiful forest which you can have a nice hike in.

After being abandoned the property was bought by a group of investors that was planning to build hotels and apartments or a museum, but the landlord decided to give access to street art and graffiti artists to use it as a place for performing their arts.
Now artist from all over the world are coming there and it has become a cultural treasure in Berlin.
You can walk around on the whole compound, there is graffiti and street art everywhere and something fascinating to see everywhere you turn.
You can climb the tower, chill out up in the heights and get a fantastic view over Berlin.
In the main dome there is a ecco that makes a unique sound because of the construction of the dome and sometime they have music jams in the dome, giving the music a “different dimension”.

You don't have to book guided tours to visit Teufelsberg.
You can go there by yourself, but don't sneak into the area, you have to enter thru the main gate and pay 8 euros.
This fee is for supporting the artists and for keeping the station open for visitors.
It is looked very bad upon if you sneak in and if you get caught, you will get kicked out.
If you pay you are welcome to spend the whole day there, you can watch the sunset and all the people working there are super friendly and willing to show you around or tell stories about the station.

Address: Teufelsseechaussee 10, 14193 Berlin.

Teufelsberg spy station
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