Tempelhof Airport. The abandoned airport in the middle of the city

The airport was opened in 1923 and during the 1930s the nazis made a massive reconstruction of the airport in anticipation of more air traffic.
Hitler used the airport under the war, both for combate plains as well as building many bunkers on the compound for storing explosives and weapons.
When you walk around Tempelhof today you will see signs that are put up to show where the bunkers are.
After the airport was abandoned in 2008 it was turned into a park where everybody could enter and enjoy the whole outside area of the airport.
There is a restaurant/ bar/ barbeque where you can chill out in beach chairs, you can walk around on the huge air srip and its a perfect place for doing sports and exercise.
In one part of the airport you can do kiting with rollerblades or boards.
The hangars have been used for music events and from 2015, a big part is being used as a refugee camp.

There are no precautions to take when you visit Tempelhof.
It is very central in the city in Neukølln, its free and open all year around.

Adresse: Tempelhofer Feld. Tempelhofer Damm 12101 Berlin.

Tempelhof Airport
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