Spree-Park- The abandoned amusement park

The amusement park was opened in 1969 and it was the first and only amusement park of the GDR.
In 1989 the park got a new owner and the the government did not properly check the references of the new owner and his company.
The park was going well for some years, but started struggling financially after a while after changing the theme of the park to a western theme and the visitors, entrance fee got more expensive and there was a major lack of parking opportunities for the people coming from outside and around Berlin.
This downfall lasted for a long time and the result was that the owner was left with a debt of around 11.000.000 euros.

In 2002 the owner of the park sendt six carousels and 20 containers to Lima, Peru and told the german government that they were being sent there for reparations.
His plan was to start a new amusement park in Lima but he did not succeed in doing this.
Since 2002 the Spree-Park in Berlin was abandoned and the area felt into disrepair.
After not succeeding with a new amusement park in Peru, the owner of Spree-Park tried to smuggle 180 kg of cocaine in one of the carousels to pay his debt in germany, but he was caught on the airport in Lima and put in prison in Peru. The government took over the land, but kept the park closed.
The area is left exactly like it was and the carousels are still standing.

It is considered private property and its strictly forbidden to enter.
If you want to visit you can book a guided tour for 5 euros.
They have security guards that patrol with dogs 24/7 and if you get caught, you will receive a find of 600 euros and they don't care if you are a foreigner who “did not know this” so be careful. If you don't pay the find, the government will take you to court.

Adresse: Kiehnwerderalle 1-3, 12437 Berlin.

Spree-Park Amusementpark
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