Abandoned Adventures in Berlin

Explore abandoned adventures in Berlin.Guide to experience history in a unique way
Abandoned Adventures in Berlin

If you are a fan of adventures and abandoned places, then Berlin is the perfect place for you!
In Berlin there are many things to discover and explore!
Did you know that you could?

Visit Teufelsberg.
The abandoned american spy station, now covered in graffiti and street art. Enjoy your day high up in the towers with a view over Berlin.

Hang out and chill in Tempelhof.
The airport in the middle of the city that is turned into a park. Walk around on the airstrip!

Visit Beelitz Hospital.
Enter and walk around in the spooky abandoned hospital where you can also see a forest growing on the roof.

Take a guided tour around the amusement park, Spree Park.
Walk around and see the old carousels and hear the squeaking sounds from the paris wheel still moving with the wind.

Sounds fun? You are right, it is!

Berlin is an exciting city with a rich history and it is one of the biggest metropolises in the world.
But what is so fascinating with this forever changing city, is that there is a tendency of not tearing down abandoned buildings to build new ones, but leave them alone.
By visiting these ghost buildings and places we have the opportunity to get a real glimpse into the past and it gives life to the history behind them!
In Berlin a simple metro ticket will take you to some of the most historical places in Europe and to amazing institutions where you can experience history in a unique way!

Read on to learn the history behind these abandoned places in Berlin, and use this website as a guide for directions on how to get there and if there are some precautions to take.

Wish you all a nice adventure!

There are plenty of more abandoned places to explore in Berlin!
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