Beelitz Hospital- The abandoned soviet hospital.

This abandoned hospital is a large complex holding 60 buildings built in 1898.
It was first built as a sanitarium to treat the many tuberculosis patients of berlin but became a military hospital for the Imperial german Army.
Adolf Hitler was recuperating in this hospital over the period of october and november in 1916 after getting wounded in the leg in the war.
In 1945 the hospital was taken over and occupied by the Soviet Red Army forces and it remained a soviet hospital until 1995, when it then was abandoned after unsuccessful tries of privatization of the complex after the soviet withdrawal.
The hospital is left exactly the way it was when it got abandoned and you can even still see the operation tables in the operation rooms and beds in the patient rooms.
After the complex got left nature started taking over and is growing wildly on the compound.
On one of the roofs of the buildings there is a forest growing witch you can see from a walking trail that is elevated from the ground so the visitors can get a good glimpse of this spectacular natur phenomena.
The complex was open for entry for many years and this ghost town has been a huge attraction for curious visitors and been used as movie sets, amongst them the movie The Pianist.

You can still visit the hospital and enter it, but you have to book a guided tour thru a agency.
Two young men lost their life as a result of falling down from one of the roofs, and after this accident, there have implemented strict rules about entering the buildings and many buildings are completely closed.
There are security guards and also police patrolling the complex and you will get a big find if they catch you sneaking in.

Adresse: Beelitz-Heilstatten, Beelitz, Brandenburg, Germany

Beelitz Hospital
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